M.Sc Organic Chemistry

M.Sc Organic Chemistry
Starts from:June 9, 2014 7:30AM - 1:00PM
Campus Location

Smt. Neerabai Parkar Vidyanagari, A/P Devgad, Sindhudurg,Devgad,India — Maharashtra,India

Course Feature
  • Course Code A1234-X
  • Duration 2 years
  • Course Type Post Graduate degree
  • Classes Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,Saturday.
  • Campus Devgad College
  • Min Qualification B. Sc. (Chemistry)from recognized university
Class Description

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry or Master of Science in Organic Chemistry is a postgraduate Chemistry course. Organic Chemistry covers the study of Organic chemistry which is a sub-discipline within chemistry involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation (by synthesis or by other means) of carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons, and their derivatives. These compounds may contain any number of other elements, including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, the halogens as well as phosphorus, silicon and sulphur. The duration of M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry is mostly of two academic years but it varies from institute to institute. The B.P.H.E. Society’s Ahmednagar College, Maharashtra is providing in two years. The minimum time to complete the course is also two years. Course is available both in full time and part time basis. The syllabus for the course is divided into four semesters.

Duration: 2 years (Four semesters)

Intake capacity : 20

The course consist of 4 papers each of 60 marks as follows:

Semester I & II:

  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry
  3. Organic Chemistry
  4. Analytical Chemistry

Semester III & IV:

  1. Theoretical Organic Chemistry
  2. Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  3. Natural Products and Spectroscopy
  4. Medicinal and bio organic Chemistry
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