Research Experience: 1. M. Phil.: (November, 2005 to December, 2007) 2. Ph. D.: (March, 2013 to November, 2016) There are 6 research publications on credit of Prof. Valanju and also he has presented his research outcome in various seminars/ conferences. Extra-curricular Activities (Expertise): 1. Delivered talk on “Phytoindicators and Pollutant Soaking Plants” in HirvaSwapnaprogramme on 16th – 19th October, 2006 on All India Radio, Ratnagiri. 2. Delivered expert lecture on “Environmental Pollution Control” on 9th March, 2007 at GovernmentPolytechnicCollege, Ratnagiri. 3. Participated in “Nature Orientation Course” on 9th-12th November, 2000 at Bondla Forest, Goa, arranged by World Wide Fund For Nature India, Kolhapur Division.

  • Faculty: Science
  • Subject: Botany
  • Specialization: Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding
  • Qualification: M. Sc., B. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D.
  • Awards: JafarNizam Gold Medal – Young Scientist Award for Best Research Paper Presentation (Cryptogamic Botany) in XXX Annual Conference of the Indian Botanical Society on 28th-30th November, 2007.


  • Worked as a lecturer in Botany, Gogate – JogalekarCollege, Ratnagiri (MumbaiUniversity) from 13th June 2005 to 16th November 2007.

  • Worked as a lecturer in Botany, Shri. S.H.Kelkar College, Devgad, (Mumbai University) from 10th September 2008 to 30th April, 2007.

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